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Clinical Psychology

Grounded in his experience working with children and adolescents who have social, developmental, and learning difficulties, Dr. Rob Daniels founded the Chicago Children’s Clinic in 2000, providing comprehensive evaluations, individual and family therapy, and expert consultation services. 

Research shows that the most effective interventions for children with special needs are those that can be widely disseminated and taught to parents and professionals. Dr. Daniels provides training to families and professionals on evidence-based strategies that build on children's strengths and help them thrive. Due to overwhelming demand for our services, we chose to limit our practice primarily to providing training and continuing education to professionals so that we can expand our reach more efficiently. 

Limited slots for therapy and consultations for children and families are now available. 

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Sport & Performance Psychology

Winning The Mental Game: Strategies for Peak Performance in Sports & Everyday Life

How can I get my youth athlete to:


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